November 2019 – Chamäleon with Gandini Juggling

We performed 4 days as Guest Performance at the Chamäleon Theatre in Berlin, with Gandini Juggling’s 8 Songs! An exciting few days indeed. And lots of family in the audience. 🙂

WhatsApp Image 2019-11-15 at 07.44.32

October 2019 – Science&Industry Museum Manchester

Finally our long anticipated week at the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester happened! The week was part of winning the Josh Award and we performed The Juggling of Science during the museum’s Half Term Week. We did lots of workshops as well and both the shows and workshops were great fun. I was sad when we had to leave at the end of the week.


September 2019 – Performing at the Royal Court Theatre

Mid September I performed my clubs solo routine as part of the production Glass. Kill. Bluebeard. Imp. by the Royal Court Theatre in London. The production was comprised of four short plays by Caryl Churchill with circus acts perfoming during the set changes in between plays. A narrow stage was a challenge but I did manage not to drop any clubs onto the front row audiences…


September 2019 – Equal Pension Opportunities Video

Ben and I shot an infomercial video earlier this year, in September it was finally made public. It is a video about equal pension opportunities for women and men in the UK. Here the link to watch the full video:



August 2019 – European Juggling Convention Gala Show

In August Ben and I performed a short version of The Juggling of Science in the Gala Show of the European Juggling Convention 2019, which was held in the UK in Newark this year. Despite difficult wind&weather conditions and a last minute venue change this was a very exciting show to be part of…


July 2019 – Ben and Fred win the Josh Award 2019!

We are very excited about winning the Josh Award 2019 for The Juggling of Science! The Josh Award is the UK’s national award in STEM communication. In mid July we went to Edinburgh to the BIG event, which is an annual conference for STEM communicators. We performed our show for all the guests at the conference and received the trophy, see photo below. Now we are preparing for our week at the Manchester Science and Industry Museum in October, we will be part of the half term holiday activities.

Photo credit Sarah Vining
Photo credit Sarah Vining



April 2019 – Ben and Fred have a new logo and website!

B&F Logo_Final.png

Built and designed by our wonderful Uncle Julian! Have a look at our new website here:

January 2019 – Resolution Festival 2019 at The Place!

In midst of rehearsals for Resolution Festival 2019!! Very excited to be part of the festival with Ben &Fred’s “The Juggling of Science”. We will perform in a triple bill alongside works by Vendetta Vain and Elliot Minogue-Stone.

resolution flyer front.jpg

resolution flyer back.jpg

December 2018 – A month in Lisbon with Feeding the Fish for Circo Natal

In December Feeding the Fish was part of Circo Natal and we performed 49 shows with them. The shows were in the centre of Lisbon in the beautiful Coliseu dos Recreios, see picture below. It was a great experience doing so many shows and performing in a proper circus ring…

IMG_3191 2.jpg

October 2018 – TILTED at Jacksons Lane

Ben and I performed our new duet ‘The Juggling of Science’ for the first time as part of TILTED Circus Scratch at Jacksons Lane Theatre in London Highgate. It was such a great night and we’re excited to continue working on the routine for Resolution Festival in January.

Photo by Tomasz Patelczyk
Photo credit Tomasz Patelczyk

September 2018 – Back after a month in Edinburgh for Gandini Juggling

Home from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018 for Gandini Juggling and their Rock’n Roll Show ‘8 Songs’. Very happy to have had the opportunity to be there for the whole month.

June 2018 – New website! And Back in Clarence Mews!

Ben and I have started our Month of Making residency at Space Clarence Mews to further work on the Juggling of Physics duet. Looking forward to the showing in mid July!






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